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5 Key Considerations for a Digital Transformation Strategy

Companies around the globe are in various stages of business transformation, with some ahead of the curve, leading to better resilience, adaptability and overall results. The pandemic has compelled most, if not all, companies to accelerate their digital transformation roadmap. The challenge is to keep up with incessant disruptive technologies and the competitive landscape. It's a marathon of innovation in the name of customer satisfaction and setting the right strategic course can make all the difference.

Xenatus helps businesses around the globe successfully navigate digital transformation every day. Leveraging the world-class Microsoft Power Platform, the Xenatus team develops a strategy tailored to each business, addressing the sensitivities of organisational change, security, and understanding end-user needs.

The intricacies of prescribing the right strategy for any business are based on a consulting methodology founded on experience and integrity, a thorough understanding of technologies and trends, and a realistic, client-centric approach to implementation.

Below are the 5 key considerations for a successful digital transformation strategy:

1- Choose your platform

Choosing the right platform can make the difference between the success and failure of your digital transformation strategy. The right platform can alleviate integration issues between traditional stand-alone solutions by providing a basic layer of integration across all solutions on the platform. The Microsoft Power Platform provides just that by having an underlying database that aggregates and structures data between various applications such as ERP, CRM, Office tools, and mobile apps. This facilitates workflows and business intelligence across the entire platform of solutions.

2- Accelerate digital transformation with horizontal add-on solutions

Horizontal solutions on a single platform, such as human capital management, payroll, learning management systems, and document management systems, can have a profound impact on how easily your company can adapt to market changes, operational efficiency, employee satisfaction, and organisational readiness for digital evolution.

3- Build or buy – leverage industry vertical add-on modules

There is a certain amount of solution customisation that is required in any solution. Where implementations ultimately fail is when they have a large number of customisations and integrations. This leads to higher maintenance costs, upgrade limitations, and can prevent companies from taking advantage of future innovations. Microsoft Dynamics ERP comes with thousands of industry-specific add-ons that significantly reduce the number of customisations and integrations required. Microsoft-certified add-ons provide companies with innovation and best practices from around the world. Add-ons that are certified by Microsoft are kept up-to-date and optimised for the Microsoft Power Platform.

4- Secure business continuity

During the pandemic, it became clear, especially for SMBs, that being on the Cloud was essential to ensure business continuity. The marginal cost savings of maintaining an on-premises infrastructure were far outweighed by the importance of remote access and secure connectivity. The Xenatus Enterprise Ecosystem powered by Azure delivers a tailored package optimised for your business to secure your business continuity.

5- Collaborate seamlessly

Collaboration between employees, teams and organisations has come a long way in recent years. Collaboration suites like Microsoft Modern Workplace have accelerated processes and enabled organisations to take advantage of a global talent pool like never before. Xenatus delivers the collaboration suite as part of its Xenatus Enterprise Ecosystem.

Let Xenatus help you succeed in digital transformation

Deciding which digital transformation strategy, a company should pursue is very important before launching an initiative. With more than 21 years of experience and successful projects in over 45 countries, the Xenatus team can help you successfully design your company's digital transformation strategy and implement it in a timely and cost-effective manner. Xenatus is your trusted ally on the road to digital transformation.

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