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7 Ways Dynamics 365 Business Central can improve your profitability

How can Dynamics 365 Business Central improve your profitability?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based, end-to-end enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for managing businesses. This single, yet powerful ERP solution connects sales, service, and finance teams and their operations for maximum performance and efficiency. Plus, you can extend the solution with industry-specific extensions to fit your business and scale with your future growth. As part of Microsoft's Dynamics 365 business applications, Business Central can help a company grow and improve profitability.

1. Maximise financial visibility and performance

Clear and timely insight into a company's financial performance is essential to its growth, longevity, and effective and informed decision making. When decision makers lack visibility into business operations metrics, or have insufficient or outdated data at their disposal, their decisions can adversely impact the business. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, your organization can accelerate financial closings, improve forecasting, and provide real-time performance metrics to decision makers. Informed decisions lead to greater profitability.

2. Streamline financial management

Financial management is critical to a business because it helps with financial planning, raising and deploying funds, and controlling profitability. A financial forecast is only as reliable as the data it collects. Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy to take control of financial data and monitor financial performance to make more profitable financial decisions. The integrated reporting, trend analysis and real-time cash flow provided by Microsoft's all-in-one solution can improve financial management and overall profitability.

3. Accelerate sales processes

Managing the entire sales process is at the heart of any company's efforts to drive better results and increase revenue. Business Central helps companies prioritise leads based on their revenue potential, create flexible pricing and discount structures, and track interactions. Dynamics Business Central's revenue forecasting can help companies improve their bottom line by enabling better inventory management and prioritising more profitable business opportunities.

4. Ensure successful project execution

Dynamics 365 Business Central can be your assistant when it comes to completing projects on time and under budget. You can use timesheets, advanced job costing, and reports to improve project costing and billing. You'll also get real-time information on project status, profitability and resource utilisation to improve project profitability.

5. Improve your customer service

By focusing on your customers and taking better care of their needs, you can significantly improve your long-term profitability. With Business Central, you can realise the full profit potential of your customers and deliver exceptional customer service. Business Central ERP connects inventory management with sales teams, service departments, and warehouse management; this helps all departments plan and respond to customer needs and can build loyalty with your customers.

6. Optimise your operations

The operational flexibility of Dynamics 365 Business Central is key to optimising your operations and increasing profitability. You can now deploy your business in the cloud or on-premise on any device. At the same time, you can customise and extend Microsoft EPR with targeted extensions, Microsoft Power Apps, and Power Automate workflows to optimise operational speed, performance and insights. This improves operational efficiency while increasing overall control and security, which positively impacts the bottom line.

7. Optimise inventory and supply chain management

Delivering products on time and adapting to changing business models requires visibility into purchasing, sales pipelines, manufacturing, inventory and warehousing. With Business Central, you gain a holistic view of your inventory, improve supplier collaboration, and automate processes to replenish inventory based on actuals, forecasted demand, and supplier lead-times. Having the right inventory at the right time will hugely impact profitability and customer satisfaction.

Xenatus Global helps companies improve their customers' experience and streamline their internal operations. Contact us to learn more about how you can run your business more profitably with Dynamics 365 Business Central - the comprehensive ERP solution for business management.

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