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Date: 01-11-2023 | From: 16:15 to 17:00
Room: Bellecour 2&3


Any company using multiple systems along with Dynamics 365 BC, faces master data management challenges. In complex industries such as Maritime, these challenges can become crippling. Mayia, is a cloud-based service that helps you manage your customers’ data effectively and efficiently across their entire organization. Not just in Business Central.

Mayia Features:

  • Create: Define your master data entities, rules, and workflows

  • Maintain: Update your master data with automated processes and validations

  • Manage: Monitor your master data quality and compliance with dashboards and alerts

  • Share: Distribute your master data to different systems and stakeholders

Our Speakers:

Business Central has proven to be an excellent ERP for Maritime service providers, which is a large, yet underserviced industry. With the addition of Maritime 365 to BC, many success stories have been achieved.

Maritime 365 helps customers:

  • Automate complex processes

  • Complete Vessel Operations Financials and analytics

  • Complete Purchasing cycle 

  • Maritime centric sales management

  • Track and optimize costs and revenue

We will show you how we managed to use Mayia along with Maritime 365 to enable efficiencies and data accuracy across one of the most complex industries an ERP integrator can take on.

Mayia is a Connected Intelligence and HyperAutomation Platform. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform and connecting multiple systems across the enterprise while enabling controls, insights, audit and automation capabilities

The Business Central add-on for the Maritime services industry. A single operational platform with complete Maritime master data libraries and functionalities tailored made for the Maritime Services Industry. 

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   Mayia Features:​

  • Centrally manage connectivity to all enterprise platform

  • Dynamics data management driven by tailored rules

  • Automation of master data in & out flows

  • Synchronization of all organizational platforms

  • Deep analytics and insights into enterprise data assets

  • Enterprise grade security, audit and compliance

  • Lineage to provide data cataloging to support quality, trust and audit scenarios

  • AI driven predictive insights and deep analytics via machine learning


   Maritime 365 Features:

  • Single operational platform entailing complete Maritime master data libraries

  • Inquiry Management

  • Ability to create multiple sales offerings from single Inquiry

  • Automatic Cost/Profit Calculation

  • Approval Workflows

  • Automation of complex Drop-Ship processes

  • Maritime centric sales management

  • Tracking and optimization of costs and revenues

  • Vessel Operations Financials and analytics

  • Complete Procurement cycle




Themis Papadopoulos






“The maritime industry has been undergoing an unprecedented transformative model to capitalize on technology driven by global macro effects coupled with regulatory and connectivity factors.  As ship owners and ship managers, we have been investing in digitization, cloud and automation to strengthen our edge, while simultaneously exploring innovative artificial intelligence models.  Artificial intelligence is only in its infancy and we foresee a deeper growing role for AI and automation in our industry.”

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