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Moving on with Digital Transformation? 3+1 Needs you have to Prioritize

Digital Transformation and advanced digital capabilities are changing every aspect of doing business. From infrastructure and data management to industry-leading AI and Internet-of-Things (IoT) capabilities, customers need platforms that meet their needs - on their terms.

The pandemic along with changing customer demands, have challenged many companies and exposed their shortcomings in operational readiness and technology development, leading to a much-needed reformation.

According to a global study conducted by PWC, 85% of companies are looking to increase their investment in digital transformation amid the pandemic. This is a clear indicator that the overwhelming majority of business leaders see digital transformation as an urgent priority.

Digital transformation is a culmination of ongoing processes undertaken by organisations to become more resilient and adaptable to rapidly changing market demands. These change-processes should be based on a deep understanding of the company's industry, an intimate knowledge of its most demanding customers, and a corporate culture that is ready to evolve rapidly to meet all future demands

Discover the 4 needs you have to prioritize:

1. Document and be involved in the procedure

The successful leader is intimately familiar with the intricacies of all the procedures in their organization. These procedures should be documented and have measurable KPIs against which directors and managers are evaluated. There is a significant positive impact on employee knowledge and motivation, when they see their managers and directors actively participating in the documented procedures and driving the established KPIs. The documented procedures will also eliminate misunderstandings, improve employee evaluations, and provide clarity throughout the organization. In addition, intuitive team members can identify areas where improvements are needed or efficiencies can be made. In many cases, connecting the right technology to the problem is the key to the solution... this is the essence of successful transformation.

2. Know your customers

Your most demanding customers keep approaching you and asking for more. These customers are themselves very closely aligned with their respective customers and will most likely succeed where their competitors fail. Customers can have a plethora of demands ranging from better costs, faster delivery, better quality of service, more consistency, access to information (e.g. transactions, inventory, lead times, manuals), etc. Listen to your customers and address their needs. Your customers' loyalty will increase when they see you adapting to help them succeed. Your customers' needs are the driving force behind all digital transformation activities and will help you prioritise the steps you will take on your digital transformation journey.

3. Enable people to succeed

What is the secret of a successful organization? A team made up of professionals who share the same vision. The vision should be clear to all and work for all. Leaders need to strengthen team relationships, provide constructive feedback on their employees' performance, share useful information, and inspire their team members to develop in ways that make them better professionals and people. In more traditional industries, employers need to reassure their employees that digital transformation will boost their performance and productivity. Training and development courses are ubiquitous and highly effective. Use online training and cross-departmental awareness workshops. It's important for team members to see the big picture so they believe in the vision. With the support of their teams, leaders can promote the longevity of their company, overcome potential challenges, and set a sure path to long-term success.

4. Align digital transformation investments with corporate goals

Every business and organization has different needs that have to be met, so this journey is unique to each company. The ability to tailor a specific transformation strategy to a company's needs is critical. Xenatus provides organizations with a reliable approach to create the blueprints for their digital transformation strategy, and can back-up their business plans with effective technology solutions.

In addition, Xenatus has helped hundreds of companies adapt to technological advancements and achieve success by optimizing their operations, functions, and services to stay ahead of the competition in today's rapidly changing marketplace.

Prioritize the Factors and Trust the Experts Turn to Xenatus Global, to implement your company's digital transformation strategy. Forge the future together with Xenatus, the trusted customer-centric advisors, to increase profitability and strengthen your company's operational readiness.

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