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The Xenatus Contracts Module for Dynamics 365 Business Central is a single repository for contract information and a central location from which to initiate invoices for sales and purchases.

The Xenatus Contracts Module can handle different types of contracts, whether they are subscription-based products or simple stock products. In addition, the module supports group contracts that can generate multiple contracts associated with a global contract.

Automated processes populate sales and purchase orders based on the contract lines and the defined frequency of each line.

Contract transactions are linked to all postings to enable complete analysis at the contract level.

Globally available on Microsoft AppSource



  • Create Contracts and populate a sales quote for approval.

  • Define Sales and Purchase Lines per contract and set the frequency of billing.

  • Generate Sales Orders based on the billing frequency.

  • Automatically release sales orders

  • Multi-currency capabilities.

  • Define up to 8 dimensions on the contract level. Dimensions are inherited to all Sales and Purchase transactions.

  • Capability to define Kit Number/Subscription ID or any serial based information on the Contract Header level and to each Line, Sales and Purchase.

  • Ability to define kit numbers/subscriptions ID or other series-based information at the contract header level and for each line, sales and purchase.

  • Price increase functionality (function) and batch update of all or multiple contracts.


  • Contract Renewal Process.


  • Easy to Use

  • Single Reporsity for all Contracts

  • Simplified Contracts Management

  • Automated Recurring Sales Invoices

  • Automated Recurring Sales Invoices

  • Enhanced Cashflow Visibility

  • Enhanced Profitability

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