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Xenatus Extended Reports and Features is a gap-filler module designed to extend and complement Business Central's base solution. Additional fields in tables with links to dimensions, automatic creation of dimensions and additional advanced reports are some of the features in this package.

The solution consists of features that help minimize custom development on the platform.

Globally available on Microsoft AppSource




is the function that adds additional fields to the Master entities of the system. A simple setup can create up to 10 additional fields in the Customers, Vendors, Items, Locations, and Salespeople/Purchases tables.  Link these additional fields to Dimensions to synchronize their values and automate the mapping of default dimensions to records.


The SharePoint connector provides the ability to attach documents to records, but instead of storing them in the Business Central database, store them in SharePoint. Create a folder hierarchy per company, per record, and per document type.


Use the familiar eSigning application from Business Central. Send documents such as quotes through DocuSign to get electronic signatures from your customers. Once the document is signed, Business Central retrieves the update and updates the system.


In any accounting software, it is important to match your customers’ and suppliers’ payments with the corresponding invoices for which the payment was made.  This gives you a correct overview of the ageing analysis of your debtors and creditors.  With Xenatus Automatic Application Batch Job we ensure that all entries are correctly applied according to the predefined criteria.


For companies doing business in more than one currency, it is always essential to have the information available in their general ledger entries.

The TCY feature tracks the actual transaction currency in the G/L entries. Two new columns are created to store the transaction currency code and amount.


Reconciling vendors’ transactions can be a cumbersome task. The vendor reconciliation process can automate the task. Import the vendor transactions from excel and let the system automatically match them. The feature offers manually matching as well!


is a feature that allows the grouping of multiple dimensions. Instead of manually selecting multiple dimension values in a document or journal, simply select a group of dimensions to instantly update all dimension fields.  Xenatus Dimension Groups allow you to create up to four-dimension groups.


Within the module, we have added a variety of updated reports as well as brand new reports. The reports cover the financial module, receivables, payables and inventory. In addition, we have added reports on documents such as sales invoices, sales orders and more.


  • Limits custom developments and reduces the cost and complexity of your system, as the solution provides many functionalities that are not available in the standard version.

  • Speeds up the implementation process, as the solution is easy to install and configure, and does not require any coding or scripting.

  • Improves the quality and accuracy of your data and reports, as the solution allows you to add more fields, dimensions, and validations on your records and transactions.

  • Enhances the usability and efficiency of your system, as the solution offers automation features, document management, and electronic signature integration.

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