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xPayroll is an international platform that enables organizations worldwide to process and manage their payroll operations seamlessly. xPayroll is a parametric platform, built-in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is localized and compliant with governmental and legislative regulations for many countries.


  • Employee Information, Pay Elements, Employee payroll profiles 

  • Loans

  • Retroactivity

  • Localization 

  • Pay Tax and Tax Exemptions  

  • Vacations, Holidays, Sick Days & more  

  • Attendance Management, Employee working times   


  • Custom pay-slip designs

  • User-defined earnings, deductions, contributions

  • Payroll history

  • Mass & Secure e-mailing of Pay Slips

  • Standard governmental payroll reporting

  • Multi-tiered commissions

  • Fast to implement and integrate with other systems


Q1. How long does it take to pay employees with xPayroll?

  • It depends on the number of employees you have and how many different types of hours and money you are using. With xPayroll, you can pay your employees in just a few clicks.


Q2. What other Allowances are there available in xPayroll, based on UAE Localization?

  • There are many types of Allowances setup to the system, like Fuel, House Rent, Phone, Special and Other. For any new type of Allowance, user can create it easily by adding it to the Payroll Elements.


Q3. Does xPayroll handle Expenses Deductions and Supplemental Pays?

  • You have the ability to set up Payroll Elements for handling Personal Expenses, Overtimes, Bonus and other “money” related types of elements.


Q4. Does xPayroll handle the different types of Employees within the same Company?

  • Using the Payroll Profiles, you can define the way of Basic Salary Calculation, automatic Elements and Default Days and Hours Worked. Each Employee is assigned to a Payroll Profile and all functions can be executed using these Payroll Profiles.


Q5. Can xPayroll handle tracking vacation and sick time off?

  • Yes, you can keep track of several causes of absence for each employee, such as vacation or sick time. You can make Leave Applications for a range of dates and number of hours taken, and the available balance will be tracked for you. Also, available is the Re-joining of the Leave Applications.


Q6. Does xPayroll handle the types of Provisions, based on UAE Localisation?

  • The available Provisions as per UAE Localization are Gratuity Provision, Annual Leave Provision and Airticket Provisions.


Q7. Can xPayroll handle Employee Loans and Advances?

  • For Employee Loans, you can create the Loan Applications, Interest Rate and Loan Repayment Deduction. For Advances, you are able to enter the amount and the date given to the Employee, for any Payroll Period.


Q8. Can I “preview” a payroll run before finalizing the payroll?

  • In xPayroll, you will have a chance to preview the details of each person’s worksheet and can go back and make any corrections before finalizing the payroll.


Q9.  What are the payment methods offered by xPayroll?

  • You have 3 types of Payment Methods, which are Cash, Pay checks and Bank Transfer File, which for UAE is mandatory to use “Wages Protection System” (WPS), as per the Ministerial Decree (No.788) of 2009 on Protection of Wages by UAE Ministry of Labour. xPayroll is WPS-compliance.


Q10. Can I use my Financial Dimensions to the Employees and have the Payroll Journal posting by Dimensions?

  • For Payroll Journal Posting you have 3 types of posting which are Individual per Employee, Summary and Summary by Dimensions. You have up to 3 dimensions that you can use for the Payroll Journal. Dimensions can be assigned to each employee from their Card.


Q11. As xPayroll is a module within Business Central, can I give access permissions only to the Payroll Administrator?

  • Yes, only one user can be assigned as the xPayroll Super User, and only that person will be able to give access to any other BC user to xPayroll module. Other than that, specific access rights can be given to the users using BC Permissions Sets.

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