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Wormhole for Dynamics: A critical add-on for any Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC user with multiple companies and/or databases.

Wormhole manages data across Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC companies and databases in an extremely efficient and flexible way. Wormhole greatly reduces administration costs and greatly increases data integrity for Dynamics users with multiple companies and/or databases.


  • Chart of account synchronization

  • Configuration Table Synchronization 

  • Item Synchronization 

  • Job Synchronization 

  • Master Data Synchronization 

  • Web Services

  • Error Log, and many more…


  • Multi-Company Data Synchronization

  • Synchronization around any group of NAV/BC tables.

  • Allows detailed rules and properties to be set at a field level including data filtering.

  • Allows multiple sets of synchronization configurations.

  • Works across multiple NAV/BC databases 

  • It can also be used to synchronize with Dynamics CRM.

  • Saves a lot of time during configuration when multiple companies have to be configured.

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