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A complete Dynamics NAV/BC GDPR solution that augments the Microsoft GDPR tool-sets.  As businesses hold huge amounts of personal data relating to Customers, Vendors and Employees within their Dynamics NAV/BC systems, a comprehensive toolset that can be plugged directly in to the Dynamics NAV/BC application and Deliver GDPR Compliance to Dynamics NAV/BC becomes prominent.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a significant overhaul of data protection legislation; the accountability principle will mean that businesses will need to examine how they hold and use data and take steps to demonstrate compliance with the data protection principles.

Configurable for any NAV/BC database

Scan Tool can search through any table to identify personal data.
Can search any database for Personal data.
Easy to install on any NAV/BC Database.
Secure processes for removing data
Automatically encrypt data 
  • Auto-discovery of personal and sensitive data

  • Automatic data encryption

  • Automatic data removal

  • Log of all GDPR activities for compliance

  • Configure and set compliance rules

  • Reports readily available as per GDPR regulations

  • Test reports run for secure data removal processes



  • The right to be informed (Articles 12, 13, 14)

  • The right of access (Article 15)

  • The right to rectification (Article 16)

  • The right to erasure (Article 17)

  • The right to restrict processing (Articles 18, 19)

  • The right to data portability (Article 20)



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