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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales enables businesses to unify their daily activities and data into a common, secure and easy-to-use interface.  Available in a web browser interface, directly in Microsoft Outlook, or via a mobile app, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales can help organizations gain a 360-degree view of critical business development processes, maximize revenue opportunities, and more effectively collaborate across teams. This solution also provides the option of Business Intelligence dashboards that can be created and configured to fit business KPIs. Dynamics 365 for Sales was built with the aim to centralize all customer information into one place, identify new trends in real-time, and focus on key success metrics and goals.


Administer the system          

  • Set up the product catalog

  • Set up a discount list

  • Create unit and unit groups

  • Create a product family

  • Create price list and price list items

  • Administer Embedded intelligence

  • Administer Sales insights add-on

Increase sales           

  • Nurture sales from lead to cash

  • Create or edit a lead

  • Convert a lead to an opportunity

  • Create or edit an opportunity

  • Create or edit a quote

  • Create or edit an order

  • Create or edit an invoice

  • Define Sales Goals and Metrics


In-app marketing    

  • Create a marketing list

  • Create a quick campaign

  • Add assets to a campaign

  • Create or edit a campaign

  • Add an activity to a campaign

  • Track a marketing campaign response

Analyze customer-interaction data  

  • Guide customer communications

  • View message interactions

  • Display emails

  • View customer activity history



  • Prioritize high-potential prospects.

  • Complete view of customer interactions.

  • Identify all the important stakeholders.

  • Personalize interactions with customers.


  • Team up with customers and colleagues to collaborate.

  • Create winning sales proposals and access relevant documents.

  • Save time on training with contextual guidance surfaced in real-time.

  • Work on the go even without connectivity.

  • Automate sales process, eliminating time-consuming, repetitive tasks.


  • Gain real-time visibility into sales pipeline with interactive dashboards and reports.

  • Make better decisions using the most current data.

  • Gain strategic insight with integrated customer surveys.

Easy setup and integration

  • Get up and running in hours with a self intuitive solution.

  • Accelerate set-up by automatically using existing Office 365 settings.

  • Compose more compelling emails using contextual sales data.


  • Get immediate business results with ready to use preconfigured tools.

  • Quickly adapt tools for the sales process with easy, no-code configuration options.

  • Save time with a single configuration process that supports multiple platforms.

Anytime, anywhere accessibility

Familiar user experience

Easy Data Import

Automatic Generation of Quotes and Invoice documents

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