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Dime.Scheduler is a graphical resource planning and scheduling tool that integrates planning functionality into you business processes and vertical or industry solutions. Especially valuable in the building and construction industry Dime.Scheduler lets you easily allocate resources such as people or equipment to a task or project.

Dime.Scheduler is not just a graphical resource planning tool. It is a unique horizontal add-on that extends your solution and becomes part of the business process and the workflows.


  • Graphical plan board with multiple views

  • Drag & drop planning

  • Allocation to multiple resources

  • Smart resource filtering with Filter Groups

  • Multiple plan boards with segregation of roles and responsibilities

  • Integrated multi-point geo-mapping

  • Gantt Chart powered Project Planning

  • Easy user interface personalization

  • Data-driven setup and security

  • Task colour, time marker and priority based on task data

  • User access restriction based on task data

  • Multi-database support


  • Graphical plan board is completely drag & drop enabled

  • Sort, filter and group open tasks on the fly

  • Filter Groups give the user a flexible and powerful tool to find the right resource for the job

  • An integrated map shows the location of a selected open task or appointment

  • Add as many plan boards as needed

  • Sync data with multiple databases

  • Provides easy and flexible planning

  • Multi-language support

  • Embeds within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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