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The Cortana Intelligence Suite is a collection of independent, but fully integrated data and analytic platform tools offered by Microsoft Azure. It provides the ability to connect, prepare, orchestrate, and monitor business information at scale with data from websites, apps, and devices.   Availability of preconfigured solutions covering the most common business scenarios, and creation of bot services for intelligent agents that augment customer experience.  Cortana Intelligence is a Platform and a Process to perform advanced analytics from start to finish!


  •      Predictive Intelligence

Predict what will happen with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms that will augment your decision-making processes.

  •      Prescriptive analytics

Understand the impact of future decisions and how to analyze them for the best outcomes.

  • Automated Decision Making

Simplify and automate decision making when dealing with complex problems that involve multiple variables that may change in real time.

  • Unlimited Possibilities

Get value from all your business data from cloud and on-premises databases, regardless of volume, variety or velocity.

  • Secure Solutions

Built on Microsoft’s technologies and platforms to ensure your data is secure, compliant, and scalable.

  • Bot Framework

Bot framework provides necessary API and infrastructure to build and connect intelligent bots that interact naturally in apps where users are communicating.


  • Comprehensive solution that encompass business intelligence capabilities and advanced analytics.

  • A fully managed Big Data and Advanced Analytics Suite enabling the transformation of data into intelligent actions.

  • Gain valuable insights with handling modern day data sources, data formats, and data volumes.

  • Benefit from industry-specific templates to build organization specific solution

  • Offers various preconfigured solutions around Forecasting, Churn, Recommendations

  • Advanced intelligence services, like Cortana’s AI, Bot Framework, and Cognitive Services, are included.

  • Cloud service benefits like scale, elasticity, and pay-as-you-go model.

  • Predict what will happen with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

  • Improve decision making processes with proactive alerting.

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