Technology Solutions

SOLUTIONS At Xenatus Global, we stay at the forefront of information technology to ensure that or clients’ business requirements are being addressed with the most effective and efficient of technology and business solutions. Our world class team of technology and business consultants works with our clients to conduct thorough analysis of industry standards and current business processes, to recommend the optimal business processes, technology and application-based solutions, utilizing our time tested and effective implementation approach and methodology, calledSCOPE©.  Our solutions expertise is focused on:
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Document Management (DMS)
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting solutions (BI)
  • SharePoint Collaboration Portals
  • Websites & eCommerce Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Point of Sales Solutions (POS)
  • Staff Augmentation
  ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP, doesn’t live up to its acronym. Forget about planning—it doesn’t do that—and forget about resource, a throwaway term. But remember the enterprise part. This is ERP’s true ambition. ERP integrates all departments and functions across a company into a single computer system.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions key features and modules include:

  • Financial management (multi-currency & multi-company)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Estimation & Advanced Jobs / Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Purchase and Payables (Payroll, HR, Time & Attendance)
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Web Portals
  • Integration with other systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Benefits:

  • Streamlines or eliminates inefficient manual processes
  • Eliminates disparate stand-alone systems
  • Provides integrated, enterprise-wide common tools, processes and systems
  • Establishes a backbone structure that can be leveraged to handle all operational processes
  • Integrates and increases control of budgeting, planning and financial management processes
  • Provides enterprise-wide reporting and decision support
  • Presents opportunity to lever vendors’ future investment in enhanced functionality
  • Incorporates new functionality and technology – provides a springboard to e-Business

Our specialty Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technologies:

Microsoft Dynamics Suite
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics SL
CUSTOMER RELATIONSIP MANAGEMENT (CRM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that leverages specific technology, business processes, and a customer-focused culture and management philosophy to attract and retain profitable customers. CRM includes the strategies, business processes and technology solutions that enable successful marketing, sales and customer service. At Xenatus, we provide our clients services and solutions to enable Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) via a customer-focused business strategy and software solutions, designed to optimize profitability, streamline business processes and create long term customer satisfaction. Our Customer Relationship Management technology expertise including:
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Open Source CRM’s

eCRM solutions key features and modules include:

  • Marketing Automation (Campaigns,Web Forms, Email Marketing)
  • Sales Force Automation (Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Sales Quotes, Forecasts)
  • Customer Support (Cases, Solutions)
  • Inventory Management (Products, Price Books, Sales Orders, Invoices, Vendors, Purchase Orders)
  • Data Analytics (Reports, Dashboards)
  • System Administration (Product Customization, System Administration, Data Administration, Workflow Rules, Managing Subscriptions, Payments and Billing)


  • Creation of New Market Channels
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased revenue
  • Gauge Performance & Guide Strategy
  • Increased Customer SLA Satisfaction
  • Enable Standardization

Xenatus’ Approach to eCRM client implementations:

Stand alone filing servers and content management systems have served many purposes with varying degrees of success. At the same time organizations have realized that digital content represents an increasingly important element of their business. For many companies the intellectual property (IP) that represents the core knowledge of an organization is its most valuable asset. That IP is captured in digital files of various types: product manufacturing processes, instructions, training, research, brand equity and more. A Document Management System (DMS) provides a comprehensive and all inclusive solution for managing IP and the enterprise assets. Xenatus Global delivers to clients DMS solutions utilizing centralized storage and access to enterprise IP and data, along with simplified auditing and transaction logging. It also aligns the IT infrastructure with corporate data-handling policies and regulatory requirements.

Our specialty document Management Systems (DMS) technologies:

Xenatus’ DMS solutions key features include:

  • Ingestion, management, organization, storing, and delivery of media and related information (metadata) in support of cataloging, searching, selecting, requesting, retrieving, distributing, and fulfilling digital works and elements to requestors
  • Collaboration
  • Business intelligence providing real-time insight into sales, market research, and other key business data
  • Business Process Integration connecting front-office and back-office systems—such as financial management, customer relationship management, and supply chain management
  • Secure Distribution Solutions open new venues for the secure distribution of high-quality digital audio, video, and data across diverse delivery platforms
  • Mobility Solutions complement communications and collaboration solutions by using mobile technologies to connect people, processes, and data regardless of geographic location


  • Alignment with data-handling policies and regulatory requirements
  • Centralized access and storage of enterprise data
  • Enhanced security
  • Transaction logging
  • Auditing and validation of subscriptions and certificates
  • Scalability and modular design
  • Risk-avoidance savings
  • Automation of data access processes
  • Simplified support
  • Compatibility with existing applications
ENTERPRISE APPLICATION INTEGRATION (EAI) Application integration is one of the most pressing challenges of today’s enterprise. An enterprise may need to integrate back-office systems with the Internet, a purchase order management system with the customer service management system, or multiple enterprise parties together into one cohesive application: People, Processes, Information.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) benefits:

  • End-to-end control and visibility of conversion operations across the extended enterprise
  • Faster time to market.  Ability to quickly model and automate the conversion processes needed
  • Quicker response to change. Rapid design, deployment and re-use of business process and connection models. Avoid customization through service differentiation
  • Event-driven, publish-subscribe communications backbone
  • Model-driven approach and direct execution of process models enable rapid deployment and allow users to manage business change dynamically
  • Scales to support high transaction volumes and distributed deployment Leverages existing IT investments and reduces ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) driven Enterprise

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution key features and modules include:

  • Streamlines or eliminates inefficient manual processes
  • Complete EAI, B2B, and Business Process Management functionality
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Industry and Application based connectivity adapters
  • RFID models
  • Multilingual
  • GUI based integration

Our specialty Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies:

Open Source EAI technologies
BUSINESS INTELLIGNECE & REPORTING (BI) What is Business Intelligence ? “A broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, sharing and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions” -Gartner Xenatus provides clients with a combination of management methodologies, metrics, and IT (applications, tools and infrastructure) that enables users to define, monitor, and optimize results and outcomes to personal or departmental objectives while enabling alignment with strategic objectives across multiple organizational levels (personal, process, group, departmental, corporate or business ecosystem) utilizing Business Intelligence (BI) platforms. Our specialty Business Intelligence & Reporting (BI) technologies:

Business Intelligence & Reporting (BI) solutions key features and modules include:

  • Advanced & Web-base Analytics – Provide users with analytic functionality out of the box, minimizing help required from IT Staff. More secure access enables the right people to get the right amount of information at the right time
  • Rich data exploration – Analytics include multidimensional slice and dice, drill-across, drill-to-detail, root-cause analysis, and centralized business logic definitions
  • Predictive analytics – Leverage powerful data mining capabilities from the Database Servers to forecast metrics and spot trends
  • Guided and contextual analysis – Provide users with analytic views tied to key performance metrics to give users more contextual information about the performance of those metrics.
  • Rich visualizations – Provide data visualizations that make it easy for users to understand complex information faster, to discover highlights, trends and opportunities.
  • Distribution choices – Analytical views can be shared and managed from the database server report manager, SharePoint report center, or distributed in PDF, HTML, or XML format. Users can collaboration with others through Microsoft Office.
  • Advanced score-carding
  • Powerful analytics and reporting
  • Self Service Reporting
  • Ready integration with MS Office
  • Business Performance Management
  • Drive success at a low total cost of ownership
  • Complete and readily integrated BI
  • Mobile Solutions

Business Intelligence (BI) Benefits, include:

  • Synchronized planning and budgeting
  • Workflow driven forecasting
  • Robust financial consolidation
  • Reaches all business users with familiar Office environment
  • Empowers business users to define and own business rules
  • Handles real-world complexity with model driven approach
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CLOUD SERVICES (SaaS) A What is The Cloud?
  • On Premise Means Servers and Applications are Required Onsite to:
    • Operate your systems
    • Back-up and Maintain your data
    • Secure your infrastructure
  • On Demand (Cloud) Means Onsite Servers for solution are Not required:
    • Your software vendor hosts your solution
    • Your SW vendor secures the solution
    • Your SW vendor backs-up your data
                     Advantages of our Cloud Solutions ?  
  • Security
    • SAS70 Type II
    • Audits and Penetration tests
    • Security Professionals
    • ISO27001
    • SOX compliant
  • Back-up
    • Managed Back-ups
    • Rolling Image Back-ups
  • Reliable Up-Time
    • 99.95% Guaranteed Uptime
    • Maintenance
    • Worry free upgrades, hardware, software, security and back-up
  • Flexibility
    • Increase users overnight
    • Cease services within 30 day notice
    • Expand system capacity overnight
    • Global Accessibility
  • Time to Market
    • 48 Hours
  • Total Cost of Ownership
    • Operational Costs vs. Capital Expenditure
    • Lower Cost of Entry
    • No Hardware or HR Costs
  • Support
    • Outsourced based on SLA
    • 24/7
  In close Partnership with SaaSPlaza, Xenatus Global today is the Exclusive Regional Distributor for SaaSPlaza services. SaaSPlaza with European HQ in the Netherlands, US HQ in San Diego, and a new office in Asia, has been serving the Cloud needs of Microsoft Dynamics Partners and ISVs (and their end-users) for more than a decade… yes, before the cloud was known as The Cloud
  • 14 Years of Global Cloud Computing—No One Else Comes Close
  • SaaSplaza has earned numerous accolades and awards, such as Microsoft’s first-ever ERP
  • Hosting Partner of the Year award (2011).
  • Serving partners and ISVs and Cloud Customers all over the world.
  • Currently, SaaSplaza has…
    • Nearly 100 FT employees in the US, the Netherlands, Germany, and China
    • More than 50 full-time engineers
    • More than 100 Cloud applications supported
    • More than 500 partners and ISVs
    • Thousands of servers in data centers across the globe
    • Nearly 1 million end-users serving in 55 countries
    • SLAs driven organization
  • Hosting Services Available
    • Hosted ERP
    • Hosted CRM
    • Hosted SharePoint
    • Hosted Exchange
    • Hosted Microsoft Office
    • Disaster Recovery
POINT OF SALE (POS) SOLUTIONS At Xenatus we understand that success in your retail business requires that you have retail store management tools that work for any situation and help you to respond quickly to changes in your business. In turn, we have devised a technology stack to fit your retail business management needs thru Point Of Sale (POS) solutions with insights into your business, helping you to improve customer satisfaction, empower your employees to make better decisions, respond to changing business situations, and lower your IT costs. 

Point of Sale (POS) solutions key features and modules include:

  • Our POS solutions’ capabilities include a role-based experience for your employees, integrated retail store operations, and inventory management and reporting for your retail business.
  • Familiar, flexible interface
  • Fits with your business
  • Whether your business is one or two stores or a retail chain, our POS solutions help you integrate store operations, business information, and processes.
    • Integrate planning, organization, execution, and follow-up for all supply chain flows—including goods flows that commonly occur in centrally managed retail chains.
    • Manage inventory levels at all stores from the back office and establish centralized rules for specific stores to guide ordering, replenishment, and stock management.
    • Efficiently track orders, prepayments, invoices, and cash payments by controlling and administering cash registers from a single location.
  • Works with your existing software
  • Business Intelligence, Reporting & Comprehensive Analysis (Reduce Shrinkage & Instant Business Overview)
  • Sales and marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Purchase and Payables
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Scalable in Size and Business
  • Single Application Architecture
  • Improving Merchandising Decisions
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Fast Exchange of Data & Peak Versatility
  • Automate inventory and purchasing management
  • Streamline transaction processing

Point of Sales (POS) Solution Benefits:

  • Streamlines or eliminates inefficient manual processes
  • Eliminates disparate stand-alone systems
  • Provides integrated, enterprise-wide common tools, processes and systems
  • Establishes a backbone structure that can be leveraged to handle all operational processes
  • Integrates and increases control of budgeting, planning and financial management processes
  • Provides enterprise-wide reporting and decision support
  • Presents opportunity to lever vendors’ future investment in enhanced functionality
  • Incorporates new functionality and technology – provides a springboard to e-Business

Our specialty Point of Sale (POS) technologies:

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