Buisiness Consulting

Our Partners and Directors have years of business experience in various industries. They are the ideal people to speak with in order to bridge the gap between your requirements and the finest IT solutions on the market.

Staff Augmentation

Xenatus Staff Augmentation enables your organization to take advantage of offshore development while dealing with onsite personnel.

ISV Add-on Distribution

Xenatus can get your ISV product to market through our existing network of Microsoft Certified Resellers.

Enterprise Solutions

Our experienced consultants can help your organization identify the required architecture of enterprise solutions to satisfy your requirements and track your ROI.

Is the Cloud right for your organization? What are the cost/benefits? What are the hidden issues? We can help you get your answers.

Cloud Services

IT Strategic Planning

Your IT infrastructure and Software solutions need a development plan to continue to support your organizational needs. We can help you build that plan.

ISV Add-on Distribution

Alliances and partnerships are significantly impacting today’s business environment. Over 15 ISV’s have chosen Xenatus Global to be their Exclusive Distributor in various regions in order to gain immediate access to a large network of local resellers, optimize the training and onboarding time, streamline the business process and minimize the support effort. Below is a brief summary of how an ISV provider stands to benefit from the Xenatus business model:   Successful businesses, have distinguished between Transactional Partnerships vs. Strategic Partnerships. Transactional Partnerships are NOT Strategic Partnerships
Transactional Attributes
  • Short-term commitment
  • No sharing of key capabilities
  • Contract driven and does not involve control
  • “Arm’s Length” – no alignment of strategy nor any unison
Strategic Attributes
  • Long-term commitment
  • Linkage based on sharing equity or on shared competencies
  • Shared strategy founded on reciprocal relationship
  • Increases value in marketplace (and puts pressure on competition)
  • Willingness to share and leverage core capabilities
  Xenatus Global enables clients to establish Strategic Partnerships. Partnerships in the New Economy Require New Mindsets.
Old Economy
  • “Short-term” contracts usually were less than five years
  • One customer support channel
  • Destroy competition
  • Know your boundaries
  • Limit partnerships to minimize risk
  • Never commence negotiations without clearly defined BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement)
New Economy
  • Short-term contracts are at times day-to-day
  • Customer support both online and offline
  • Leverage competition
  • Know NO boundaries
  • Leverage channels with high access to markets
  • Accept that there are no alternatives to some partnerships