Financial Services & FinTech



Specifically built and optimized for the financial services industry, the Xenatus Financial Management and FinTech suite delights clients by providing a world class platform that alleviates all the tedious administrative work while adding new features and tools that help companies enhance their services and product offerings and expand their markets while providing their clients a cutting edge personalized user experience.      


The Xenatus Financial Management and FinTech suite is build on a global platform managed by the Xenatus Cloud and secured by Xenatus CSTORM Security.    


Customer who use the Xenatus Financial Management and FinTech Suite distinguish themselves in the market by:
  • Increasing their efficiencies and staff productivity
  • Increasing their fees by providing more value added reports
  • Reducing administration efforts
  • Staying compliant with the latest regulations
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Providing their clients with the best customer experience on the market
  • Attracting new sophisticated clients



  • Complete ERP for internal and customer accounts
  • Expandable modules for all client operations
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Office including copy paste from Excel

Fiduciary Management

  • Complete fiduciary entity management
  • Secretarial & entity structure reports


  • Leads and Contacts management
  • Easily convert Contacts to Opportunities and then to Accounts
  • Track interactions and proposals

Mobile Application

  • Powerful mobile applications to improve operations and enhance customer experience
  • Directly built on the Xenatus platform
  • Aggregates data from other application on the platform such as CRM and ERP

Workflow Engine

  • Build workflows to optimize processes and create efficiencies
  • the workflow engine works across the entire platform covering all applications therein


  • General Ledger
  • Full transactions option (PI, SI, CM, SO, PO)

Document Management

  • Link documents to Contacts, Entities or Transaction
  • Automate follow-ups for renewals


  • Automatically record transactions in the ERP from incoming documents
  • Reduce data input

Bank Reconciliation

  • Reconcile bank statements with your ERP transactions
  • Reduce mistakes and increase quality control


  • Payroll for various jurisdictions built in the ERP
  • Complete HR functionality including self service

Mailing & Auto-Reminders

  • Automatically send reminders to clients and staff for outstanding tasks
  • Remind clients about expiring documents
  • Track email interactions history

Funds Management

  • Manage clients’ investments
  • Manage any investments funds including bonds, equities, securities, derivatives and any AIF’s your clients are invested into
  • Generate value added reports to distinguish your services

GDPR Tools

  • Scan your database for any personal information
  • Ensure that personal information is automatically encrypted and deleted based on strict controls
  • Provide reports based on GDPR requirements

Harmonized CoA & Master Data

  • Easily control CoA standards across all managed companies
  • Create single CoA master template and replicate new accounts to specific companies with the click of a button
  • Manage any Master Data from a single location


  • Automate annual and periodic billing
  • Track expenses and ensure they are recovered

KYC & Risk Management

  • Create surveys and questionnaires
  • Track KYC documents and assessments across all entities
  • Assign risk levels to contacts and entities

Cloud Solution

  • Available on premise or on the Cloud

Office 365

  • Fully integrated Microsoft office.

Customer Portal

  • Provide your clients with an online portal to access their documents, reports & dashboards



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