Our Industries

At Xenatus Global we monitor global trends in terms of people and industries. In recent years the trends have been accelerating in speed, and breadth of reach to become a flagrant part of business and life.
Here at Xenatus Global, we believe that it is imperative to harmoniously adapt to the fast-growing and changing world around us. We draw inspiration from change and we adapt to it in a manner that would suit the interest of our trusting clienteles. In the technology genre, change is inevitable and rather refreshing. We are no strangers to making this change work for our clients and partners. Our mission is about being the trusted counselors to our clients and partners in this dynamic world.
To alleviate the time and money investment required to make the right change, Xenatus Global has signed up bespoke industry specific ISV add-on solutions that make Microsoft Dynamics platforms plug and play for each specific industry.
What Are Dynamics Add-on Solutions?
  • Microsoft Dynamics add-on solutions provide prepackaged plug and play solutions that sit within the Dynamics platform providing users with additional functionality.
  • Add-on providers leverage global channel partners to deliver and support their solution in their respective regions
  • The benefits of our add-on solutions are:
    • Vertical/Solution based modules based on industry expertise
    • Faster deployment time
    • Cost savings to the end client
    • Leverage global client base for enhancement and features
    • Benefit from the core Dynamics platform’s flexibility and stability while capitalizing on best of breed add-on solutions from various global vendors
    • Upgrade paths managed by the add-on providers
    • Partner based local support

Featured case study

In an age where information and the ability to act expeditiously on it can mean the difference between winning or losing a deal; this is why GIFCO the largest Cargo and Freight Forwarder in the Middle East selected our Cargo Dynamics solution to digitize its entire operation.  Since 1971, GIFCO has provided services that include: Air, Land and Sea Freight.